Introduction to the Owner of BLU Elegance, LLC

I just wanted to introduce myself and where I'm headed with BLU Elegance, LLC.

First and foremost, my name is Portia T. but I've been inclined to go by my first and middle name - Portia Nicole. I'm a Florida native, the oldest of 3 siblings and I am a Scorpio … kinda bossy! I am also a mother to 4 very beautiful children. I have a degree in business and medical office administration. BLUE is my second business, I also run a Travel Agency - InJoy Your Travels

I love thunderstorms, just being near the water, music of all kinds and I love sky watching. I am heavy on being true to myself. And that means, I grew up Christian and while I still hold faith, I am not religious. I believe we all have come here for the purpose of experiencing and relearning this cycle of life. 

Just so happens, that this circle of life has been nudging me to focus more on loving myself and being in my own truth; despite what the rest of the world may think or say. On my path back to self, I discovered that I gave so much love out, I had no room for me. When it came time to do for me, I couldn't find it or didn't have enough energy. But I'm also stubborn by default! So this cycle continued for years until this special person showed me I mattered, too. Now it's not that I didn't know, it's just that I didn't put it on the top of my list. 

Fast forward, I put the same effort that I was putting into others ... into me. And it did something amazing -- because I never looked back. Funny because as a kid, I was judged on how proper I spoke and how I was always dressed differently. My grandma was a driving force behind me growing up as I did. So much so that even in death, 21 years later, she still guides me. Which is how we get to BLU Elegance:

I left Florida and came to NY, wasn't supposed to be a permanent thing. It was only supposed to be a couple of weeks. But it's going on 4 months. But late April I had a dream I was giving birth. I was surrounded by my children and my mom ... in this big open airy room. My mom was actually the person delivering my 12-13 pound baby. I remember looking out of the big opened window and seeing the blue skies. It took me a few days to catch the meaning. Then this song kept playing (Blue Ain't Your Color by Keith Urban) and gram came in a dream and said do it elegantly. 

And it's a way to say that you and how you feel matters. Yes, you can take care of the world, but if you don't start within, you'll be in this repetitive cycle until you fix it and YOURSELF. So self-love starts with you. Show yourself the love you think you need from another. When others count you out, count yourself in ... I get criticized for loving my own company and not really being bothered that I'm by myself. It's easy, but I do come out to be social enough with a few select folks. I don't want to look to another to provide me with the things I know I can do for myself. This is why self-love is so important to me ... important in general. 

So follow us because things are about to start getting busy! 

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