Boundaries ...

I guess you're wondering why the title: Boundaries? Well it kind of goes with what's been happening behind the scenes with BLU Elegance! But I won't reveal until later!

I start off with speaking on boundaries because it's a big part of my life ... as well as yours!

Most people see boundaries as rejection or an end of a relationship. Wherever you stand with that, please overstand, that "boundaries are imaginary lines that separate your physical space, feelings, needs, and responsibilities from others. These boundaries let other people know your expectations for how they should treat you. Without boundaries, people may take advantage of you or make you feel badly or uncomfortably."

As someone who has battled setting healthy boundaries, I can attest to the fact, that, yes ... it can be hard especially when those wanting to cross those lines are the ones you want to spend most of your time with. But this is why HEALTHY is the keyword! I have spent my life KNOWING that I crave alone time/down time or just space to clear my mind. Yet, I always have someone needing or wanting something from me. There have been times that setting my boundaries has caused me relationships (familial, platonic, and romantic). It hurt, but it's part of life. 

So the quote here is befitting: Givers need to set limits because takers rarely do." - Rachel Wolchin, could not have stated this any better!

Some people will even attempt to guilt trip you to get their way. I've had people tell me, "you obviously don't want me around as much as you say you do!" Which could not have been any further from the truth if they took a jet. It's honestly because I am a loner. And because of that, I prefer being alone so when I crave company, it's a big deal! Yet, when I say I need my space ... please give me that. I need to unwind, regroup, and just allow myself to feel without explaining to another. 

May 20th is an important date so stay tuned for the BIG RELEASE!

Happy Saturday beautiful souls!


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